Venetian Blinds

These Venetian blinds create a pleasant atmosphere within your home and it is still a real classic due to its maximum use in all living and working areas. The main function of these curtains is to control sunlight. Our aluminum Venetian blinds are made from 25mm slats. Especially different types of slate and a wide variety of colors can be used to create a pleasant atmosphere.
Controls Sunlight
Classy and Elegant
Low Maintenance




Window Shade System shall be a chain operated roller system utilizing a bidirectional, wrap spring clutch. The system must be apable of smoothly raising and lowering the blind to any desired height, and maintaining that height with no slippage. Clutc size is adjusted based on the weight of fabric. Clutch must not require any adjustment after installation. Clutch may be mounted in either end of the roller tube. The clutch shall be nylon construction and available in Black or White. . Operating loop may be #10 plastic bead chain or qualified #10 plated steel ball chain, with upper and lower stops. Plastic chain shall coordinate with the clutch color

The OMA Tubular Motor Difference

Unlike conventional tubular motors, Oma’s mechanical type’s motor does not require any tools for position setting. No screw drivers or Alan keys are needed to setup the motors stopping point. This is our product high light. Just simply hold the yellow switch to set a limit. (pictured below) .
  •  Mechanical Type
o Progressive limit switch system capacity: 32 turns
o Progressive limit switch system capacity: 28 turns
o Thermal Time 4min
o Cable length 2.0m

  •  Electronic Type
o Progressive limit switch system capacity: 150 turns
o Wireless remote control for receiving, limits setting and operation.
o Equipped with “Micro Adjustment” device.
o Thermal Time 4min
o Cable length 2.0m
o Progressive limit switch system
o Progressive limit switch system capacity 150 turns.

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